Richard Warren is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker located in Boynton Beach who specializes in working with individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma, identity issues, and addiction related issues. Richard earned his Master of Social Work (MSW) Degree from Florida Atlantic University and graduated with highest distinction (summa cum laude). Richard subsequently pursued additional education and training to become a Level 2 Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. He has extensive experience working with adults struggling with addiction, self-esteem issues, family dysfunction, as well as severe and persistent mental illness. 

The Therapeutic Environment

Here is my physical office. I have done my best to make is warm, safe, comforting, and inviting. Whether we meet in person or via telehealth, your comfort and sense of safety most important.

My Approach

I strive to provide a comfortable and open space where my clients can feel comfortable and free from judgment. I believe that therapy is a collaborative process that relies on the therapist and client working together to develop a plan for treatment that will best meet the client’s needs in order to achieve their goals. I use client-centered and strength-based approaches that empower clients to overcome the experiences, challenges, stressors, and transitions in their life that led them to seek help and support. I adjust my approach based on my clients’ needs and desires for their therapeutic process. Any intervention that I use is evidence-based to ensure that the treatment my clients receive will be effective and efficient. I believe we all strive to lead lives full of joy, purpose, connection, and contentment. I love being a support and cheerleader for my clients in their work to best navigate their lives.